Thursday, May 31, 2007

ahem, ahem...

there is a comment section on this here blog ya know. i seem to get the "oh we love the blog" remark alot, yet there are never any comments? hmmm. for instance, you could say, "wow, isa sure is cute." or maybe even, "man, the Mommy seems grouchy today!" anything really, we'd love to hear from you. hint hint.


Just one of many bumps and bruises these days... this is the evidence of recent attempts at walking. Ouch.
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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

So how 'bout those cloth diapers?

It's amazing the conversations that soon-to-be and newly initiated parents can have about babies and their bowels. Poop, to be frank. And many of those conversation lead to the ole diaper debate. Cloth or disposibles? Environment, economy, convenience... the sub topics can go on and on. But that is not the point of this post. Many of you have asked from time to time how the cloth diaper thing is going? Are we still doing it? Are we glad? The answer... a resounding YES! It's fabulous, actually.

Venturing into the world of cloth diapers can be the epitome of overwhelming. Styles, varieties, brands, blah, blah, blah. After much research, browsing, and testing, we have ended up using a diaper called Fuzzi Bunz. Ah the trusty ole Fuzzi Bunz. They're like you're favorite beer or your sweet old dog... reliable and dependable at the end of the day. They've weathered the longest car rides and the worst blow outs and still they are fantastic.

At this point, we've probably saved close to a grand in what we would have spent on disposibles. And while we do use a 'sposie at night and for the rare travel outing, we are very pleased with the path we've chosen when it comes to Isa's britches. Of course there is peace of mind knowing that we are doing something good for the Earth as well, which is always an added bonus. And at 9 months, Isa has never had a diaper rash (*shameless gloating*). Oh, and for the record, it's surprisingly not gross too, just in case anyone was wondering ;-)

note: cute picture of baby in said diapers will be added tomorrow.

This picture...

Now that's just plain cute.
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Guess that's karma?

Just in case any of you have ever wondered, no, it's not worth buying Safeway organic cheerios. Apparently Safeway is not aware that this simple cereal has the potential of being a perfect finger food for little babes. Otherwise, they wouldn't have made them into oversized, rock hard, tasteless choking devices. Is that a little sarcasm you're hearing this morning from the Mommy? Well, yes, admittedly it is!

Being that we live in Lander and options are limited, the Mommy thought she'd go out on a limb for the next box of Miss Baby's favorite snack. And while we all know that the Mommy is a bit of a food nazi when it comes to organics and Miss Baby, it should be no surprise that she is picky about something that could be as straightforward as cheerios. I hear you snickering, by the way. Ah, but these Safeway knock offs were a let down this morning as Miss baby rolled one around in her mouth for several minutes, trying to dissolve it, all the while looking around like, "Who thinks rocks taste good anyway?"

Speaking of Miss Baby, I am pretty sure she is conspiring against the Mommy. Or maybe she just misread the clock this morning at 5am when she decided it was actually playtime.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Miss Busybody

Before I get into the exciting description of this video (she walks!) the Mommy would like to state for the record, that she is fully aware of how "fluffy" the blog has become as of late. Yes, that's right, the blog is full of cute pictures and amusing video, but severely lacking in actual words. Those of you without children may be be scratching your heads and asking why. The parents among us probably understand all too well. You see, Miss Baby is also Miss Busybody and that means time for blog writing can be very limited. Whereas Isa used to be able to sit squarely on her 3x5 foot non-threatening, childfriendly blanket with relative ease and safety... now she is nearly unconfinable (if that is an actually word.) And there seem to be sharp edges and electrical hazards at every turn these days.

Months back I posted about the frustrations of her semi-mobility. And the whining that accompanied her limitations. Well now she is fully mobile and luckily the whining has stopped, for the most part. But the fun, oh the fun, has now begun in earnest. And the Mommy has never been so exhausted at the end of the day. A typical morning in this house involves Isa cruising about the house pulling hats out of baskets and books off of shelves. And the Mommy following closely behind spouting her favorite and over-used mantra: Be careful! By 11am she's usually knocked her head on the wood floor atleast twice and gotten stuck under the bedframe more than once.

Sigh. The Mommy is tired, very tired. But without further delay... the video! Watch the video! She walks! Granted, she is holding onto her oversized plastic walking toy but still, she walks without a spotter! Since I am the Mommy, I have the right to say that it actually looks rather weird... she's so little. She's barely over two feet tall. And just nine months old. Yet there she goes tottling through the living room on those short little legs! Weird, sure. Incredibly exciting, absolutely!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sunday, sunday...

The Mommy tried to get a picture of Isa actually in the air, but to no avail.

But she would rather just roll around and play with sticks anyway.

Ah, but there are miles to go so we get back to our feet and walk on.

Atleast until we find a nice river to sit by, of course.
It's a tough life here in Wyoming, I tell ya.
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Saturday, May 26, 2007

New skill #342

Guess who learned to clap this week?

Sleepy Saturday

Sleepy Saturday. A good day for snuggling around here.
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Friday, May 25, 2007

The stats...

Miss Isa had her 9 month well baby visit today. Here are the stats: 17lbs 3oz, 27 inches. She's climbing up the charts, albeit slowly. Looks like that big 9 month growth spurt paid off! She showed off all of her skills and everyone was very impressed. We all agreed that she is one fabulous little baby! Good work Isabel!
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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Pots and Pans




Oh the fun to be had in the kitchen! Today Miss Baby had her first pots and pans session while the Mommy made lunch. It was a good time had by all and Isa was absolutely fascinated with all the lustrious loudness that is playtime with pots and pans! For today we brought out a few child-friendly instruments... the big wooden spoon, whisk, collander, and bunt pan. And while it's a toss up for a favorite at this point, the overturned bunt pan held her attention the longest (with whisk in mouth, of course). She kept peering down into the center hole, then looking up at the Mommy a bit perplexed. Then she'd lean over and look again, like if she looked long enough she might be able to see all the way to China. Or atleast the pattern on the linoleum.

In other exciting news, Isabel has been standing on her own for longer and longer each day. Today she broke her previous record... she stood alone (twice!) with no support whatsoever for over five seconds. That's big ladies and gentlemen. Big.
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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Favorite Things (in video)

Here is a little clip of Isa enjoying one of her favorite activities... standing and playing at the coffee table. It's just the right height to pull up on and she can usually entertain herself with anything in reach. For those without children, this may seem rather mundane and ordinary, but for the parents and grandparents among us... it's atleast a little entertaining!

Buenos dias!

These are for all of the faithful blog watchers, who check the ole blog first thing every morning!
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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Cool as a Cucumber

The Mommy found this picture most amusing and decided to explain why. From the looks of this photo, Isabel is one cool little cucumber. She appears mellow and laid back, almost smug. Well the truth of the matter is that there is not a mellow bone in her body (unless she's actually asleep)! Miss Isa has turned into a tornado of a baby... up and down, under and over, rolling and standing, crawling and cruising, pulling this from that, and so on and so on. This baby can move and she does so like it's her job. Our best guess is that she will walk sooner rather than later and honestly, the Mommy and the Daddy just cannot imagine it. She's hard enough to keep up with already. What will she be like when she can run? Or when she can drive?
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Happy Nine Months Isa!

Here's lookin' at you, kid! *wink*
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Sunday, May 20, 2007

A Day in the Life...

...of Miss Baby. This is the typical progression of a Sunday here in Wyoming. Today we were out hiking... which means: First, we get all suited up and slathered in sunscreen. Then we get loaded into the trusty ole backpack. After moving for a while the sleepies start to set in and Isa begins rubbing her eyes. If we get lucky, and we walk long enough, she falls fast asleep. Or atleast for a few minutes. Next week, we do it all over again!
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Remember when...

Remember when it was -15 degrees (yes, Fahrenheit) for what seemed like weeks. Yeah, well, it's definately not cold in Landiego anymore!
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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Family Portrait

Here is a picture of us all dressed up for a wedding this evening. See, we clean up okay! For the record, that might be the first time the Mommy and Daddy have been that dressed up since their own wedding!

Thanks to those who have sent their thoughts on the loss of Oscar. It was hard to come home to such a boogie-less house tonight. Rest in peace kitty kitty.
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In Loving Memory

In loving memory of Oscar, the boogie.
March 2006- May 2007

He was the first baby of the house and he will be missed dearly. We feel most sad for Isa, as she was absolutely filled with excitement any time he entered the room. She squealed when she saw him! He was very patient with her and would sit and let himself be poked and pulled and prodded, only because it was Isa. He would sit outside of her room when she cried and lay with her in her crib for as long as we would let him.
He was buried under our plum tree, in true Egyptian style... with a bag full of kitty treats and homegrown catnip to accompany him into his next life. He will be greatly missed.
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Friday, May 18, 2007

Isa says:

Ok, so the first thing I do when scaling furniture is to square up my feet and get two good hand holds.

Then I move my hands up and pull to standing.

Now once I'm steady, I let go with one hand. Look left. Hmmm, no one there?

So I look right. Ah, there she is, the lady with the camera. Pretty good, huh?
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Here fishy fishies...

It's almost swim time for Miss Isa! Woohoo! Swimming lessons start next week and we cannot wait! We are very lucky, here in Lander, to have a really great indoor pool and a fabulous Parks and Rec department. Isa and parent(s) are signed up for the first three week session of the summer. These are more of a "getting to know the water" deal than actually teaching them how to swim; lessons entail allowing baby to go underwater, show off their natural kicking reflexes, and splashing around for fun. When the Mommy called to sign up, the lady answering the phone wanted to know if Isa was "okay with being in water." I tried to restrain my laughter... did she not know, had she not heard? Miss Baby lives for her bath! Oh, and thanks go out to the Nanny for finding such a super cute swimsuit that did not involve triangle bikini tops and thong-like bottoms! Take that trendy baby bathing suit designers!
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Tuesday, May 15, 2007


... is apparently not Isa's forte. But Little Miss Manners is young still! As for now, there is lots of wipeable plastic coating. I mean lots. But what about the rug, you may be thinking? Well that's just another story altogether.
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