Friday, August 31, 2007

favorite things...

isa is slightly obsessed with her jumbo word book she got from her cousin emmie. it's the first thing she pulls off of her shelf. she turns the pages, stands on it, sits on it, kisses it, babbles to it. we think she might like it. maybe just a little. thanks baby emmie!
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flashback friday...

miss baby at 4 months.
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Sunday, August 26, 2007

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a birthday party!

isa's first birthday party was this afternoon! it was a very fun time for all involved. there were lots of kids, lots of cupcakes, lots of beer, and lots of fun. we rented a great little pavillion at the park so there was a playground for the big kids and soft grass for the little ones. there was so much going on that we didn't have time for many pictures. but these were cute enough, wouldn't you say? many thanks again to papa bubba and queen for helping up put it all together :-)
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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Limes! Who knew?

on the previously mentioned trip to jackson, we found ourselves enjoying a margarita in one of the best mexican restaurants. it was a well needed break and quite refreshing. isa found the place to be highly entertaining and she even discovered a new love... limes.

now just to preface this... papa bubba thought it was horrible to let a baby suck on a lime. i think he used the word "cruel" actually. but little did we all know that isa actually loves limes. i mean seriously loves them. after this video was taken, she cruised around in her stroller sucking on her lime for a good half hour. god forbid the mommy actually try to take it away, as she threw a royal fit, right in front of some lovely restaurant patrons. of course, now papa bubba was insisting that she keep the lime. of course.

(another) trip to jackson...

we've found it quite convenient to live so close (er, three hours) to a place like jackson. it's a nice place to take visiting family, as it almost feels like the big city and the drive is spectacular. so there we were, once again, this week. miss baby, the mommy, papa bubba, and queen, took a short trip over to jackson to see the sights, do a little shopping, and celebrate queen's birthday. isa found delight in all of the flashy real estate catalogs and seemed to take a liking to all those bazillion dollar homes. with the median house price in jackson now over a million smackers, we hope she likes figuring out how to become a mogul too :0)
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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

more birthday fun...

miss baby is already enjoying the new big girl toys! now if we could just get her to go to bed!
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It was a big day for Miss Baby... there were the cupcakes, the presents, the grandparents. Lots of fun was had by all. There will be several birthday installments on the ole blog tonight, so check back for more birthday fun. In the meantime, Happy First Birthday Isabel!
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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

they're up! they're up!

the new pics are up and the shop has had a face lift! go check it out for yourself. and dont forget that blog readers get 10% off if they write "blog" in the comments section of their order!!

New etsy store pics!!!

so, many of you know already that i had a fabulous local photographer take shots of the clothes in my etsy shop. and lemme tell ya, they turned out so wonderfully! she is seriously talented and the babies were beautiful and it all made the clothes look even better. i am working on getting all the new photos loaded onto the shop site and hope to have it totally overhauled in the next few days. but in the meantime, you can catch a sneak peak on kristy's website-- click on the "featured photoshoot" tab at the bottom of the page. mountain aven baby is her featured photoshoot! now don't we feel special? yes, as a matter of fact we do :-)

Sunday, August 19, 2007

old faithful (and a potty break)

it just so happens that the most direct route between lander and bozeman goes right through yellowstone. on the way up thursday we took the northern road through cody, cooke city, and mammoth. and on the way back we went through gallatin canyon, old faithful, and out of the south entrance through grand teton. not too shabby. it was a long ride (8.5hrs) either way, but atleast we had lots of good scenery. on the way back, it worked out perfectly for a potty break and walking session at old faithful. and it was even well timed-- the geyser erupted right as we got to the boardwalk. miss baby enjoyed the walking more than anything and seemes less than impressed with old faithful itself. but we all enjoyed a chance to get out of the car. we also stopped by the old faithful lodge so that phil and isa could have their picture taken out front. isa's great grandmother worked there are the lodge as a young lady, so we just had to get a picture.
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more wedding shots...

here are some shots from the wedding venue itself. the event took place at a place called springhill, outside of bozeman. it was so beautiful... complete with big mountains, old barns, apple orchards, the works. does the inside of that barn (where the reception is taking place) look familiar to anyone? remember that scene from the horse whisperer when they are all at the dance? you know, robert redford? well, part of the movie was filmed at springhill and this is that barn. pretty nice huh? we thought so. oh, and many congratulations to ak and kevin!!
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wedding shots...

miss baby was hamming it up big time over the weekend. we were in montana for the wedding of our dear friends kevin and ak. the wedding itself was absolutely gorgeous, enough so to warrant its own post, but for now here are some pics of isa thoroughly enjoying herself. enjoy!
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Thursday, August 16, 2007

sock monkey love...

just to hold you over til we get back!
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