Thursday, May 5, 2011

blog change of address!

please excuse the mess around here, but we're MOVING! we've switched the blog over to a new place, in an effort to have better quality, more security, and less hassle in general. so far it's been smooth and painless, but we have some kinks to work out. it may take a few days, but we hope to have all the bells and whistles in place relatively soon! please bookmark the NEW address:


it's thursday. one day closer to friday. may has turned into a marathon of commitments and obligations. most of them are fun, some of them are not. i think we have somewhere we have to be (aside from the normal, school, work, etc) every day for the next two weeks. life is good, we're not complaining, but we are all falling into bed thoroughly exhausted lately. i think this will be the norm for the rest of the month as well: three rehearsals, two recitals and performances, two trips to casper, one business show, two going away parties, two birthday parties, gramma comes to visit, kindergarten orientation, isa preschool ends, sylvi preschool meets, summer childcare begins... all in the course of the next two weeks. phew. good but tired, folks.

p.s. gratuitous cuteness by way of blond baby curls, to be savored for good measure.
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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

summer 2011, here we come.

i think i mentioned this way back in january, but our summer calender filled itself up with lightening speed this year! i am not sure exactly what to think about that, aside from the fact most of those plans are fun ones. among those fun things are several camping trip with some of our favorite peeps. at the moment, we are getting our plans together for a trip in the tetons with stacy and willow in the next few weeks...  yippee! if last year's trip to green river lakes is any indication, it will be more fun than we know what to do with. 
the idea for a tetons trip came about for a few reasons, but namely because it's practically in our backyard and we rarely spend more time there than just driving through (yes, i know that sounds crazy to alot of you). so the fact that it's close is pretty convenient and a great excuse to take off for a long weekend. who knows how much hiking there will be, as the tetons are steep and that much elevation might be a challenge for little legs. but i am guessing we won't find ourselves short on things to do or see, hiking or not.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

mother's day and wishlists:

 mint glacier, alaska. this was technically our second date.

 parque nacional lauca, chile. new year's 2005.

 volcan parinacota. parque nacional lauca, chile (on the chilean/bolivian border).

more volcan parcinacota.

phil asked me what i wanted for Mother's Day this year and i drew a blank... mostly because i forgot that a) the holiday was actually coming up soon and b) that i was entitled to be celebrated as well. almost five years on and it hasn't sunk in. go figure!

anyway, i think i said something about a big breakfast and coffee. and moving out of the country or back to alaska or something of the sort. all of which would still be nice. but really (realistically) i would love for someone other than me to scan in a bunch of my travel photos from years past. i would really, really like to have them stored digitally, not only so i can actually see them and enjoy them, but also to have a non-physical record that is less likely to get lost or destroyed over time.

honestly, it's hard to imagine life before digital. i think i still have two dozen rolls of film from the first go 'round in south america sitting somewhere in the garage. and maybe another dozen from alaska and south america, parte dos. most of them have been developed, but some have not. the pictures here are ones that we sent off to be scanned when we first moved back to the states in 2006. for some reason, we only have a few dozen frames, but i would be really happy to have all of them on here eventually as well. *hint hint* i'll try to post more of them soon, as it's nice to see them again and i'm guessing that not even our parents have seen many of these. p.s. unless otherwise noted, phil gets the photo credit for these shots.

May Day

here are a few favorites from some shop photos earlier today. don't let those bright colors and warm light fool you... it's cold and dreary around here this spring. here's hoping that May Day will mark the start of truly warm and sunny weather (for more than 12hrs at a time?). happy Beltane!

p.s. we're still troubleshooting the fuzzy picture problem. so far none of the tricks we've found via google have worked. the picture of isa is crystal clear until it's uploaded to blogger... then the fuzzies come out in full force. le sigh.