Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Day

here are a few favorites from some shop photos earlier today. don't let those bright colors and warm light fool you... it's cold and dreary around here this spring. here's hoping that May Day will mark the start of truly warm and sunny weather (for more than 12hrs at a time?). happy Beltane!

p.s. we're still troubleshooting the fuzzy picture problem. so far none of the tricks we've found via google have worked. the picture of isa is crystal clear until it's uploaded to blogger... then the fuzzies come out in full force. le sigh.


  1. Thanks for these precious pictures. Saw the 2 new dresses in the shop and LOVE them. Hope they bring you some pretty warm weather. xoxoxoxo love and hugs to all.

  2. Wonderful funny faces, they don't have to be really sharp for me... I will take out of focus any love to all xoxoxoxo