Saturday, April 30, 2011

en vivo (almost)...


here she is, on her favorite little hill of the day-- she was on lap two or three by the time we got the camera out. the first time she did this, she raced over the bridge and down the hill before i could ask her to slow down. so instead, i cringed and gasped and thought to myself, "have we met our insurance deductible yet?" clearly she is more coordinated and confident than i gave her credit for.

sylvi took it upon herself to command the starting line for all the following laps, and to chase after her each time too. need less to say, we had two thoroughly exhausted children on our hands this evening.

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  1. This came out much better on the blog than the e-mail.... took forever to download -- was a huge file!. Loved it... and believe me I do know what "cringing" means... Especially with Phil... :) love to all xoxoxoxoxo