Friday, April 15, 2011

details, details.

i'm not really sure where to begin with detailing this trip, given that we were in denver the week before and that chaos ensued as soon as we closed in on our destination last sunday. but for those who like details, or those who might be interested in similar travels... here you go. 

on the drive west across colorado, we stopped in Glenwood Springs for a swim in the fabulous natural hot springs. it was really chilly and rainy out that day, so swimming in the hot pools felt like even more of a treat. good thing, since it's pretty dang pricey! but it was alot of fun and the girls really needed a long break from the car, so i'd still recommend it. it may have been the most expensive trip to the swimming pool we've ever had, but hey, some good things come at a price i suppose.

after a few more hours in the car, we decided that the weather looked good enough to drive a little further than planned and try to camp somewhere west of grand junction. this was a good call, as we decided to head into the Colorado National Monument, which is a little gem of a place that i would highly recommend to anyone! it's absolutely gorgeous and is very well maintained and doesn't have near the crowds that bigger parks can have. we got snowed on and blown around a bit that night but it wasn't too bad. the girls slept well and even with the snow, i think it was still warmer than some of the coldest nights in the desert this time last year. unfortunately we rolled in late and were ready to get back on the road early so we didn't spent too much time there, but we're bookmarking it for a later trip for sure.

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