Saturday, April 30, 2011

go by bike

here are some shots from our afternoon bike adventure. isa is a biking machine lately and we are all enjoying it! she decided to ride her kazam bike today, which is pretty fun to watch, and easier for her to ride longer distances. she reminds me of a bmx biker (lord help us) as she puts her feet up and rides for long stretches or flies down hills or does zig zags along the wider stretches of sidewalk. she biked about 2 miles today with nary a complaint, which is a nice change as well. we're trying to decide whether to upgrade her to a bigger pedal bike, as the hand me downs we have are pretty small for her (so says the cycling expert in the house) and maybe try a trail-a-bike as well. as you could imagine, daddy is pretty excited about her being on two wheels with him now.

for her part, sylvi is happy to pedal the tricycle around the driveway and run along with isa when we venture out. even though it's resulted in many scraped knees lately, it's really fun to watch sylvi run at full speed chasing her sister down the sidewalk! i am guessing it won't be long before they both leave us in the dust.

assuming we can get it to work properly, we have a video (thanks to daddy's phone) of isa zooming down her favorite little hill. there was definitely some cringing on my part, but she clearly had it under control!


  1. I was just thinking about a trail a bike type set-up last night for Lucas and I. I promised him that I would get a bike last summer when we moved. As we're moving to New Orleans (DH accepted a 1yr fellowship at Tulane) I would feel much more comfortable if we had the option of literally riding together. :)

    Lucas is still super excited about his balance bike for hills and more exciting stuff. He has a 16inch bike which he may be able to ride without the training wheels this summer. The 12 inches were like a clown bike - though he could ride without the training wheels - but he couldn't reach the ground, sit and start pedaling on the 16 incher and refused to ride it. :(

  2. NOLA! awesome! my brother lives there :) that's really exciting!

    clown bikes... for sure. that's a great description. i think a 16in would work for isa? phil says the ones we have are so small that she can't pedal fast enough. he would know, so i'm rolling with that!

    i think trail-a-bikes would be great for these guys. and great in a place with more traffic-- no meandering preschoolers in the street!

  3. Loved the pics - great shots of Sylvi and her cute little hat.. :) I'm glad Isa is learning to ride her bike... she will give you a run for your money soon!!! Kisses and huggs!!!