Tuesday, April 26, 2011

file under "Be Careful What You Wish For"

remember i mentioned last week about paying for some advertising, which i almost never do? well, it was for a really fantastic blog that i have enjoyed reading over the past year. there are no shortage of blogs out there, but this one caught my attention and i've been reading it daily ever since. go check it out for yourself and you will see why.

upon the arrival of her second child, Kelle Hampton wrote what can only be described as a truly amazing birth story. if you read it, you will understand how and why it was picked up by the media far and wide. it was republished online and in print and overnight, her blog readership went through the roof. like me, people were drawn in by her account of Nella's birth and stayed around for more. all this to say, her blog is not only amazing, but also has a HUGE readership (we're talking millions). when i thought about buying ad space, i figured it would be an interesting venture and would likely pay off, but you just never know. well, now i do know. it was certainly worth it. and the really great write up certainly didn't hurt either... or the nearly 800 entries for the gift certificate giveaway!

as of this afternoon, there are have been four solid days of off the chart sales in the shop. obviously, i couldn't be more pleased with this... even if it means i will be spending the next weeks chained to my sewing machine! so, i am reminded to be careful what i wish for... and grateful all at the same time ;)


  1. you're amazing, Blair-Bear!!! <3 from Scotland!! xoooxoxox

  2. no, YOU'RE amazing miss little wow! hope all is well across the pond :)