Monday, April 18, 2011

the bizness (and a discount code)

so, we weathered yet another recessionary year with the ole business and we're really glad to see spring roll around again! the post-holiday winter months are always a little slow, which is really nice because i can get a little break, but also a little unnerving because... well, it's slow. but even in the last few years of recession, the sales pick up once again as the grass turns green. and the taxes are done and the bills are paid and i start to enjoy what i do yet again (after swearing it off, yet again, as i slog through tax season)! each year brings new lessons, in general business and managing work with small children, and i try to take note and not make the same mistakes twice. not always successful at that part, but hey, i try!

speaking of business, i just paid for my first advertising in a long time (more on that soon) and i am hoping that it pays off. i think that it probably will, otherwise i wouldn't have done it, but one never knows until it all plays out. bizness, bizness, bizness. not sure how i ended up with a small business. but so it is! and... in the meantime, there is a discount code for 15% off storewide, good through friday!

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  1. Its hard to have a small business in this economy, no matter what it is. You've done pretty well, I'd say, although, I do not know what your bottom line really is. If you can still run the business and its not breaking the bank then you probably are doing well. I know the product you produce is well worth the price. You will know when its time to throw in the towel.. when both of the girls are in school, you may broaden your product line or change it altogether. Who knows?? But, I wish you well in the future! Just wish I knew more people to guide toward your business! None of my friends are of child-producing