Saturday, April 2, 2011

ballet 102

yesterday was parent's day at ballet and we were so excited to watch isa and her class! we've missed a few clases lately due to illness and what not, but i was really surprised at how well all of the kiddos did. it's pretty amazing to see how much they've learned since this time last year. last april, it was like watching Mrs. Tricia try to herd cats but now they seem really know what is going on and follow her directions really well! they are learning their positions too and can answer what comes next in their routine at a given time. pretty impressive and really, really cute! isa is still infatuated with seeing herself in the mirror and we cracked up more than once as she became entranced looking at herself and making her "serious ballerina" face as she danced by. priceless.


  1. OMG! I am so excited to see this recital !!!! Really working hard ISA! I love it! They are so precious at this age! Nice toes and hands ISA! Use those mirrors! huggs and kisses

  2. THANKS...made my morning.XOXOXOXOXOXO Nanny