Thursday, April 7, 2011

city mice

since sleeping in a hotel room with two little ones entails lots of lights out time in the early evening (i.e. when they're crashed out but we're not), i thought i'd take advantage of the quiet to do a little blog updating. this is the first time i've actually been on the computer since we left (gasp!) and have enjoyed the brief hiatus. i cruised through an amazing book i'd been meaning to read and have really loved hanging out in near silence while the girls sleep and phil is working or attending conference stuff. but i figure the grandparents are going into blog withdrawal by this point and we have been awfully busy doing fun things, so a blog post was somewhat overdue.

we've spent the last two days being city mice, enjoying all the pleasures that this metropolis has to offer. we're also lucky enough to have some good friends here in town and have had a great time hanging out with them as well. skyler and isa have known each other since the womb and we miss having them in lander, so it's been really great to be able to hang out with them here in their (relatively) new hometown!

yesterday we went to the zoo, which we've been meaning to do for years now. it's usually either too wintery or 100 degrees when we're around and it's just never happened. so the zoo was first on our list this trip. it certainly did not disappoint either! we all had a great time, despite the somewhat cold, rainy weather and two very tired children from the previous day's travel. even with all those things, it was still worthwhile and we all loved it. isa insists that her favorite animals were the "mean girl monkeys with long white hair" and sylvi loved the pigmy marmosets (aka: da wittlest baby monkeys). to no one's surprise, mommy loved the giraffes and could have spent all day watching them-- there was even a new baby to see as well! double bonus.

so that was day one in the big city. more on day two coming soon...

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