Sunday, April 3, 2011

trip prep

it's snowing this morning, which is pretty odd considering how amazingly warm it's been for the last few days. so we're hanging out, looking out the window and hoping it goes away quickly. isa and sylvi are determined to go out and play... but me? i could be fine right here with my cup of coffee and my slippers! but there is packing to be done, including cleaning out the car and all those other pre-roadtrip tasks. judging by the amount of crushed goldfish and string cheese wrappers strewn about the van... we have alot to do.
so the trip prep is underway in earnest, and we're all itching to get going. isa has been pouring over a map of constellations and seems to have a freakish ability to identify and locate them on the summer and winter night sky pages (nerd alert!). sylvi keeps putting her hiking shoes in the duffle bag with all their clothes, just so we don't accidentally leave them behind. phil has been finding and organizing all the gear that got dumped in the garage when we moved-- no small task. as for me, i think i've been actively packing for about a week now... two kids for two weeks, including a week in the backcountry and a week in the city, makes for alot of crap to pack!
speaking of cities, we have some fun stuff planned for the (almost) week in denver too, including a trip to the Denver Zoo and the Nature and Science Museum. we're also stopping in Glenwood Springs on the way west to soak in the hot springs and check out the caves. assuming all goes as planned, we're going to head up through Salt Lake on the way back and enjoy some more big city living there for a night or two.
ahhh, vacation.

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  1. AAAHHHH vacation is right. You all deserve it. Funny you mentioned the smashed goldfish. I noticed when I was riding my bike today, that there was a LARGE pile of smashed pretzels, goldfish, gummy bears, etc. on the street near my neighbor's house. They left today for a week of skiing in Colorado. I guess with 3 little boys, they were cleaning out their van, too. Have a wonderful time. Sounds like you have lots planned and a good combination of solitude in the wilderness and shopping in the big cities. SAFE TRAVELS to you all and take lots of pictures, as I know you will. LOVE and HUGS xoxoxoxox.