Thursday, April 28, 2011

flashback friday!

in case you're wondering... yes, we're still here! just a wee bit busy this week. there is the whole work explosion for me, and phil is pretty busy too, and the girls are certainly not slowing down either. but we're happy and healthy and chugging along.
these photos are from the summer of 2009... look at those two chubby-cheeked babies! it's not nearly as green here yet as these pictures show, but we are getting there. it's been a seemingly long, cold spring but the trees have buds now (finally!) and the grass is slowly turning green around town. of course there is snow in the forecast for today, but we're choosing to ignore that and think warm thoughts anyway. happy friday y'all!
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  1. those cheeks pull me in everytime... Loved the pursed lips on Isa too. :) cuties ...