Sunday, May 24, 2009

dinner with latane and emily

being that we live so far away from family, isa and sylvi are lucky enough to have lots of "honorary" aunts and uncles! "aunt em and uncle lat" are on that list, and last night we got to have dinner with them out at the shoutis' place (emily's folks). as you could imagine, isa was in hog heaven... there were plants to be watered, birds to be watched, dogs to play with, and horses to visit. not to mention two favorite grown ups to play with! she even got to sit on the back of Molly the Mule (the camera battery was dead by this point, sorry!). it was the perfect way to spend a saturday evening and we had two exhausted little girls to attest to that!

it's really beautiful out in the foothills and we thoroughly enjoyed it. it's also quite green here now (by wyoming standards atleast) and just the right temperature for hanging out-- not hot, not cold, no bugs. we even got to see a stormy sunset over the Winds as we drove back into town.

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  1. Makes me feel good that the girls have such special friends and wonderful places to go. What great experiences for them to have. So glad the weather is cooperating for you all. I love and miss you. Nanny