Thursday, May 21, 2009

first food!

it's hard to believe that baby sylvi is ready for solids! but so it is... the little roo is starting her first foods. given her tummy troubles, we decided to wait until six months to give them a try (we did the same thing with isa). her reflux has gotten better, as has her sensitivity to alot of the vegetables i have reintroduced to my own diet. dairy? not so much! that one is still on the no-go list, but i am happy to report that i can eat alot more greenery (well cooked) than i used to.

so given all of that, we started with pears, which are the most gentle and least allergenic of fruits. she tolerated pears well from the beginning of the elimination diet, so it seemed like a safe bet. so far, so good. but how did she like the taste, you might be asking? well, the jury is still out on that one! from the look on her face at times, you'd think we were feeding the poor kid lemons! she wasn't quite sure what to do with the texture and taste, but did manage to get down a few bites before becoming disinterested.

as you can see from the pictures, isa came home towards the end of the feeding and decided that she needed to help too. this also meant that she wanted to eat the jar herself and stated, "yummy mommy. this pear sauce is good!" here's a slideshow with some classic sylvi funny faces to mark the occasion...


  1. Such a big girl you are, Sylvi, sitting in that highchair and eating real food. Looks like there were more "yummy" faces than "yucky" faces so I think the pears were a hit. Thanks, Isa, for helping mommy feed Sylvi. I love and miss you all. Nanny

  2. OH! What fun... I must have looked at these pics 10 times each! They are very facinating!
    Loved the "lemon" and Isa feeding her that was fantastic ! thanks for the beautiful pics xoxoxo

  3. Holy cow - how did she get to be six months old already? Whoa.