Friday, May 15, 2009

dirt farmer

warm weather, lots of outside house work, and a good helping of dirt make for a very happy toddler. until she has to come in for the night, of course. for those wondering about just how prissy the Goose is... well, she's just as happy digging for worms and filling up her toy backhoe as she is prancing around in beads and tutus!

it's going to be a busy weekend around here, so don't be surprised if the blog is quiet-- we'll be back in full force (with lots of sylvi posts too!!!) next week!
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  1. Dirt... it runs deep in my family. I love you, Goosey, dirt and all. Nanny

  2. Gramma and PopPopMay 16, 2009 at 3:33 PM

    the farmer in the dell, the farmer in the dell, hi-ho the merry-o the farmer in the dell. It fits her! From Butterfly fairy princess to Dirt Farmer... its all in there!
    Go get it Isa! Love you, XOXOXOXO