Saturday, May 9, 2009

house work, schmouse work...

the home improvement madness continues! the new front door is going in as we speak, which will be a big one to check off the list. we also have some landscaping on the docket for this weekend: cleaning out the flower beds (all those plants from last summer are coming up! maybe my thumb isn't so black after all!), getting the front yard prepped for a new bed with some birch trees, and so on. after that? maybe we'll finally finish the (boring and tedious) trim work.

as usual, isa and sylvi are being troopers with the whole process. isa is content as long as she can "help" and play with the bubble level and whatever else she comes across in the tool box. this including taking everything out and organizing it on the floor. for her part, sylvi is content to sit back and watch. or nap, assuming there isn't too much hammering going on. isa is also excited about her room being painted blue! although i am not entirely sure if she gets it-- i have been showing her lots of cool pictures of kid's rooms and she gets really excited. but when i ask her what she likes most about these rooms, she always answers, "toys! i like those toys!"

oh, and for those who have asked recently, we are not moving anytime soon. all of this madness is to get ready for a refinancing appraisal on the 18th, not necessarily to put the house on the market ;)


  1. Gramma and PopPopMay 9, 2009 at 9:13 AM

    Let ISA appraise the house... she can do it ! busy busy busy... keep it going :)

  2. I forsee an HGTV show in Isa's future. I think she could hold her own with the best of the male renovators...go Goosey. Nanny

  3. Boy Isa, I should have put you to work while you were visiting. Next year, bring your tools little lady! I love you, Queen