Monday, April 12, 2010

arches national park (two)

after some fun at the visitor's center, we got back in the car and headed into the heart of the park. arches is one of my most favorite parks, and it had been almost ten years since i had been there, so we were really excited to check it out. for anyone who hasn't been there-- GO! even if you don't get far from your car, the scenery is incredible! we knew that with the weather as it was, and most of the hikes being really exposed to the wind, that we wouldn't be venturing far. so after a little driving, we decided to check out the North and South Windows and have a picnic under one of the arches. it was a really easy, short, and developed hike, so isa was able to keep up and check things out on her own. she had already learned a few plants and was excited to see, identify, and take pictures of more of them along the way (more on that later). for her part, sylvi just hung out and watched, trying not to fall asleep in the backpack (more on that later too!). unfortunately this was about all we were able to do in arches and we headed back to town shortly thereafter, and then down to canyonlands early the next morning. maybe next time the weather gods will throw us a bone and we'll be able to enjoy it a little bit more!
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  1. Wow, you did so much! I am impressed. It looks like you had a lot of fun. I lived in UT for over a decade and only just made it to Arches (briefly, to say I did it) RIGHT before we moved to Baltimore. You guys rock!

  2. thanks laurel! so good to hear from you, i can't wait to go check out your blog-- congrats on the little girl on the way too :) it was an awesome trip and we can't wait to get back down there. i will be adding more posts from canyonlands (where we spent most of our time) soon. hope all is well!

  3. Wow that is awesome! I'm sure you all enjoyed it. We will have to put it on our list. Maybe you can be our guides and go with us there. Really cool.. :) xoxoxoxoxo