Friday, April 30, 2010

happy eighteen months sylvi!

guess who is officially a year and half old? hard to believe huh? it's been so busy around here that we forgot to add a special sylvi post on wednesday, but here it is now! the fact that she is eighteen months old is crazy to us-- seems like just yesterday that we brought her home. cliche but true.
sylvi at eighteen months is alot of fun. alot of energy. alot to keep up. just a whole lot of sylvi in general! she is really hard to keep up with these days and it only takes a second for her to be out of sight and getting into trouble. she is a big climber, so we have to keep an eye on her for that, especially when it comes to tables and chairs (i.e. up in the chair and then on top of the table). need less to say, she keeps us on our toes. she is also in the "running away is fun" stage and gets alot of enjoyment out of taking off, full speed, whenever she has the chance. we are starting to see more of the little attitude as well. granted, it's pretty minor compared to a certain preschooler, but it's attitude none the less! she is particularly well versed at giving you "the look" anytime you do something she doesn't approve of.
as we expected, she is even more enamored with isa and wants to do every thing that isa does. this is actually pretty useful because if isa is around, sylvi is totally entertained and usually happy to immitate and tag along. she calls her sister "Issie" (sounds like E-see) and gets really excited when she sees her after preschool or naptime or any time they've been apart for more than ten minutes! luckily isa is pretty amenable to this, atleast for now, and we are glad for that.
you can't see it in these pictures, but sylvi is working on a mouth full of teeth! ouch! she has three that have just come through the skin and another on the way, so that makes eight teeth total-- six of which have come in since last month. thank goodness for advil.
so there you have it, the roo at eighteen months! happy half birthday roo, we love you!!!
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  1. Oh how precious.. Yes, I can see the facial expressions are far and wide between... also a Geoff-ism.. I will go find pics of Geoff... it will be scarry ! Happy 18-month b-day SYLVI ! ! YAYAYAY!! xoxoxoxox to all