Friday, April 23, 2010

a whole lotta crazy

did you think we had disappeared? well, no we have not. but as the title says, it's been a whole lotta crazy around here in the last week! really, a whole lotta. the short story is that we are trying to buy a house (we have it under contract) and have put this house on the market to sell. it's all gone something like this: thursday we notice that there is a new house on the market. we look at it friday morning. place an offer on it saturday. find out monday the offer was accepted and tuesday put this house up for sale. since advertising it on tuesday afternoon, we've shown it three times already. here's hoping sells and it sells fast. did you follow all that? yeah, me neither! it's been nuts, hence the lack of blogging.
but to make up for the quiet blog, here are some few sweet flaskback photos from last summer! they seemed to be just what the doctor ordered on this very chilly, very wet, very windy spring day. i look forward to more sun and green grass and short sleeves soon. in the meantime, happy friday!
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  1. ahhhh I can breathe thanks for the update the flashback cuties... and ... here's to you Y**Y on the new home and the selling of the home you are in!! How exciting is that ?? Wow you are right... that is crazy busy... take it all in.. and besides that Nanny is visiting?? love to all xoxoxoxox