Thursday, April 15, 2010

evening in the desert

need less to say, by the end of the day, we were all thoroughly exhausted! and even though it was still pretty light out at sylvi's bedtime, she had NO problem going to sleep. after dinner we put on jammies, grabbed blankie and paci, and snuggled in the tent for about three whole minutes before roo was fast asleep. unfortunately the wind, cold temps, and new teeth meant that sylvi didn't sleep through the night but that was pretty understandable. by about midnight, after the first time she woke, we'd just put her in bed with us and she'd sleep well there until morning. as for isa, she passed out within a few minutes of getting in her sleeping bag and snored through the night without a care in the world. she was definitely the last one to get up in the morning and probably would have slept in longer if there weren't a sqeauky little sister tickling and poking her to wake up already!
being that isa usually goes to bed about a half hour after sylvi, there was some nice hang out time before it was her turn to go to bed. of course there were stories with daddy (spectacular views included), some hanging out around camp, an evening stroll, and even a trip down to hear a Ranger program about native peoples one night. isa thought this was awesome and was really entertained by the presentation, not to mention she got to stay up late and see the stars too. good times, good times.
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  1. Does life get any better? So many memories being made for you all. See you soon...7 days.

  2. what a great place to read books.. if you can keep your attention on the The starry pic was wonderful.. What an awesome inspiring picture. Great pics ! xoxoxoxox