Sunday, April 11, 2010

for starters...

...we thought it was windy in wyoming? well, apparently it gets windy in canyon country too! these pictures were taken in the calm between the storms. that would be storms plural. despite the fact that the girls are in their jammies (and lounging in the tent) these pictures were taken in the mid-afternoon, after we finally rolled into moab last sunday afternoon. we left lander at 3:30am, thinking of getting on the road while the girls would theoretically sleep in the car. unfortunately we left in what turned out to be one heckavu snowstorm and it threw a big kink in our travel plans. to make a long story short, closed roads and a super slick I-80 made for a really long day of travel. the normal 8 hours of driving turned into 13 hours by the time we got to moab. so instead of driving another hour and half down to canyonlands national park, as planned, we set up camp in a developed campground in moab. and then the wind started blowing... and blowing and blowing and blowing some more! we still managed to get out and hike around in arches national park the next day, but our cheeks are still pink from all that wind! after two days of 45mph gusts (and very little sleep in that big ole LOUD tent) we packed up and headed south. luckily the wind didn't follow us! more to come...
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  1. How nice to find such a beautiful green spot of grass, amongst all the sand, for the tent. It looks very cozy. Sorry for all it took to get there. Look forward to seeing more pictures as the week progresses. Glad you are all home safe and sound. Love and hugs and see you soon. Nanny

  2. Looks beautiful! I'm sure it was very scary with all the wind and the snow.. wow. don't like icy roads... glad you had the safest driver around to traverse the icy terrain. I love the tent... The girls seem to like it as well :) take a deep breath... you are home..:)