Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy 21 Months Sylvi!

this photo seemed too perfect for sylvi's 21 month update! it's part big girl, stepping out in the world and claiming her territory, and part chubby little baby! that pretty much sums it up for roo these days. she does her best to be a big girl-- and all that hard work is evident to us everyday, but she is still the sweet, snuggly little girl that we want to hold on to forever!
sylvi is all about being a helper these days. it doesn't matter what the task, she wants to "help" and take part. she's particularly interested in cooking and whatever else may be going on in the kitchen. if it's time for something to be done there, she has pulled her little chair up and her hands on the counter before you can turn around. sylvi also loves to help clean up (that's actually really helpful) and often serves as a good example for a certain four year old when cleanup time rolls around. as usual, she wants to be a part of anything that isa does and they are both really enjoying playing together lately. they have been using their imaginations alot (pretending to be mommies or animals, etc) and sylvi is happy to play her part. this afternoon they spent a good chunk of time pretending to be puppies and sylvi was beyond pleased to crawl around on the floor panting and barking and playing fetch with her sister!
as she has for a while now, sylvi continues to make big leaps in her speech. she is stringing together words now and wants to be sure that you know what she is saying. some of her longer phrases are probably hard to other people (except us) to understand, but she is getting all the words right, even if the pronunciation still needs some work. for a few nights now she has gone through her bedtime checklist while we change her into her pajamas. she looks at me and says, "Bobby? Snuggle? Milk? Yep!" and looks really pleased with herself for getting it all right!
there you have it, a roo update. happy 21 months sylvi, we love you!
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  1. This picture definitely says to me and the world...I AM HERE, pay attention to me. So much fun to see her grow up, BUT I, too, want to keep this last little "baby" a while longer. Happy 21st birthday day Roo...Nanny loves you.

  2. congrats SYLVI - You look like you are stepping out into the big new world in the pic! Won't be long and you will be 2 years old.. I cannot believe it will be 2 yrs already. Can't wait to give you a great big Gramma hug when I see you. LOve you LOts.. :) xoxoxoxox