Monday, August 9, 2010

isa's swim class

here are a few shots from isa's swim class today. i was hoping they'd jump off the diving board, but we'll try again for those pics next time. as you can see, she loves being in the pool and is really proud of herself for how well she is learning to swim. we've actually noticed alot of improvements in just a few weeks-- she can hold her breath longer, float more comfortably and for longer periods, grab the ring on the pool bottom easier, etc. she is starting to be able to swim a few strokes on her own as well. she is insistent on doing lots of the exercises all by herself-- which probably drives her teacher crazy, as she will repeat it over and over again until the girl finally listens and lets go of her. she likes to show off some of her skills in the baby pool too and will go under, hold her breath, and swim a few strokes underwater before coming up for air!
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  1. Thanks, Mommy. I am so proud of you Isa. You can
    get in lots of practice when we get to the beach in Oct.

  2. That's great! Ours doesn't do nearly as much, I am thinking they allow too many kids into the class and so they don't cover as much. Especially as a couple of the kids clearly don't want to be there and so the instructors are always trying to get them to join in.

  3. michelle, we've been really pleased with the program. it's super inexpensive ($20 for a three week session, four hrs/week) and the classes are small. taking two sessions back to back has made a difference for both of them. it's alot of time hailing kids to/from the pool but it's not so bad for a month or so.