Monday, August 23, 2010

Isa turns FOUR!

we are still wrapping our heads around the fact that we have a FOUR year old in the house! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ISABEL! and she is such a four year old all the sudden too... from the things she says, to the way she acts, to the little surprises she gives us everyday. it's really amazing to see her change and grow and become this amazing little person. isa at four years old is fearless and extroverted and personable. she never meets a stranger and makes friends with lightening speed. she is thoughtful and kind and aware.
one of the things she enjoys most these days is art-- she especially loves drawing pictures of people and animals and we have an entire tub full of "family portraits" to prove it. in the last month or so, she has started to be really detailed and precise with what she draws. not surprisingly, she can be pretty orderly too. it's not uncommon for her collages and sticker pictures to come out in perfect grids of like things! i think someone inherited an artists and an engineer's brain ;)
these pictures are from her birthday in jackson. she woke up to a few gifts and cards and we had cupcakes in the park later in the day. in true isa form, she made friends with every vendor within 30 yards and they all helped us celebrate her birthday! she was even given a special necklace by our neighbor, which she thinks is the most special gift ever! we'll be having a very small, all girl party on saturday. isa was set on having a "princess fairy ballet dress up party" this year, so that's what we're planning. rest assured there will be alot more photos to come.
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  1. I can't wait to see your new jewelry box, Isa. Your mom use to have a similar one with the little ballerina dancing to music. Glad you have started young loving jewelry...good thing for me to keep in mind for future birthdays, etc. Get mommy to take a picture of what you make from the little bead set I sent. Love and hugs to all.