Friday, August 13, 2010

news from the pool

sorry, no adorable photos to accompany this post-- but the girls have both finished six weeks of swimming lessons and we thought it was worthy of mentioning, pics or no pics. yesterday was their last day and while it was loads of fun and we're all glad we did it, mommy is (admittedly) very happy not to be schlepping them both to and from the pool four days a week! it was well worth it though, as they both made tons of progress and had tons of fun. little roo actually jumped off the diving board on the second to last day... yes, the tiny little not even two year old walked all the way down the plank (with teacher in tow) and willingly and happily went off the end. the other teacher was obviously there to catch her. she was so proud of herself i thought her little cheeks might explode. she gladly sat on the edge of the (deep!) pool and patiently waited for her class when her turn was done. now that is progress, folks.

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