Sunday, August 15, 2010

it takes a village

...and around here it doesn't take long to figure out that there is quite the village of young people and young children! here are some pics from a fabulous bbq we attended today over at baby oliver's house. considering there were nine kids under the age of four in attendance, it was a decidedly mellow and relaxed affair!

if this whole house thing goes through, we will be directly across the alley from emily, latane and baby oliver-- that's about 10 feet from our yard to theirs! we figure we should just put up a zip-line between the two yards, spanning the alley. or maybe one of those little overpasses that they sometimes use for wildlife across highways?
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  1. Trust me, there is nothing like great neighbors. I couldn't have handpicked any better ones than I have. Thanks for the pics...great to wake up to with my morning coffee. Love and hugs to all. Nanny

  2. Gosh I loved the pictures on this entry. It is great to have good neighbors, I agree with Nancy. The house looks great too! There are so many considerations for a home and the location of the house too. Good luck!