Sunday, September 26, 2010

almost october?

hard to believe that september is almost over. seems like yesterday it was june and now winter is staring us down already! winter? yeah, around here, october could very well be winter. or it could be blissfully autumn-like, you just never know. but we're having none of that winter mess yet and have been enjoying the little glimpse of fall so far (even if it's been too hot for my tastes since we got back from vacation). apparently our babysitter extraordinaire, Kindal, is feeling the same thing, as she showed up on friday with an arm load of baby pumpkins! sweet. kindal hung the moon, we are most definitely sure of it. as you can see, the girls had a good time getting artsy with them and they are really proud of the painted bunch of pumpkins that now adorn the table. who knows, maybe they'll help sell the house or something... you know, a little seasonal, homey flair? bring on the pumpkins.
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  1. What a treat to have so many new pictures when I got home today. You did a great job on the pumpkins, girls. Wish I had a few for myself. It is harder here to get the fall spirit when it is still in the 90's. This afternoon was a little cooler and the forecast sounds pretty promising. I am ready for some mums and pumpkins myself. Love and hugs to all.