Sunday, September 5, 2010

so long, summer?

if the weather in the mountains were any indication, summer is on it's way outta here! we made an afternoon trip up to louis lake today, only to be thwarted by some seriously strong and cold wind! there were big white caps on the lake and it was obviously not swimming weather. once the clouds rolled in, we cut our stay short and headed for a place that was warm and calm... the car! i think we spent about 5 minutes by the lake before realizing that it was just a little too chilly for hanging out. of course isa could've cared less, and proceeded to try to bury herself and make "sand angels" before we told her it was time to head out. since we had already packed a picnic dinner, we decided to hang out in the shelter of the car and eat our food before heading back down. this was apparently just out of the ordinary enough for the girls and they got a huge kick out of it. so we had our food, watched them dance to the radio, and called it an afternoon. it's been a busy weekend around here, so no one was too sad to cut the evening short. more on the weekend busy-ness later-- we've been doing some serious crafting around here and can't wait to show you what we've been up to tomorrow. stay tuned!
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  1. My feeling is that a picnic is anywhere you are eating outside of the kitchen. Had lots of them under "tents" in the playroom as a child. Sounds like a fun family outing anyway. Wish some of that cool weather was coming this way. Have a great Labor Day. Can't wait to see the new craft things. Love and hugs to all.