Wednesday, September 22, 2010

congrats debbie and geoff!

there couldn't have been a better reason to take such a great vacation than to see uncle geoff get married! woohoo! it was such a beautiful ceremony and of course a great time to see family and friends that we don't see very often. phil was a groomsman, which was also special, and the girls really loved the whole affair! since daddy was up front, i had the task of trying to keep them quite for the ceremony... not an easy job. luckily aunt margie has the thoughtful idea of giving the girls four new books right before the ceremony started. brilliant! this was really helpful and kept them occupied for the most part. towards the end however, sylvi wasn't too happy about daddy standing so far away and apparently ignoring her-- yep, she kept waving and saying, "Hi Daddy!" before we jumped up and hightailed it to the way back, out of earshot! isa seemed to understand the quiet concept, except for when she shushed sylvi so loud that the whole row could hear it. oh well, she was trying right?!

the most entertaining part of the reception was most definitely two little girls who danced tirelessly on the dance floor! i don't think i'm exaggerating here-- they danced for hours on end, mostly all by themselves, on the dance floor. eventually they had a crowd of people join them, but they served as side-splitting entertainment in the meantime. sylvi didn't last too much past bedtime and was pretty limp by the time i put her down. isa continued to party well into the night though and eventually conceded to sleep, but not after putting on quite the showing. this included getting on the mic to wish debbie and geoff congratulations and showing off her whistling skills (in the mic) to anyone who was listening. wow. that girl might end up in showbiz.

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