Wednesday, September 22, 2010

the bishop's lodge

the motivation for the trip to santa fe was for uncle geoff and (new!) aunt debbie's wedding, which took place at the bishop's lodge. we had no idea when we booked our room just how awesome and convenient the place would be! it is actually a registered historic site with alot of really interesting history. it was beyond convenient to stay there with so many family members and to be in a place that was comfortable and entertaining for the girls. with the exception of the rehersal dinner, we only loaded the girls up and drove them into town once! in such a beautiful place with a great pool, tons of open space, a playground, and grandparents... who needs to go anywhere? there were endless paths and shaded nooks and crannies to check out. i was a little disappointed not have gotten better pictures of the buildings and grounds (the place is huge!) but you get the idea from these.


  1. Wow, what a beautiful place for a vacation and a wedding. Thanks so much for sharing TWO albums full of pictures with us. Certainly looks like a great setting for everyone.

  2. Am at the hotel computer... but the pics won't come in. The other ones did, but not this post.
    I've had this problem at home before!
    Loved the pics I could see. I will send you the ones we have later. Love you all and miss you already! xoxoxox