Saturday, September 25, 2010

the (self) entertainer

it was pointed out to us recently that sylvi is really good at entertaining herself. and it's true. she's pretty content to find what she likes and enjoy the time to play uninterrupted. maybe this is a second child trait-- they don't get that much playtime to themselves on a regular basis, so when they do, they go for it? i don't know, but we all appreciated it. this morning she spent a good chunk of time surrounded by cars and puzzles on the sheepy rug. while camping last weekend, she would find something interesting around camp, plop herself down, and play and sing all by herself for as long as she could. not only is it amusing for everyone else, but it's also a welcomed break. love it.

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  1. Was able to view the camping 401 and the ballet pictures but not this one...sorry. Sylvi IS such a sweet little soul.