Saturday, October 2, 2010

autumn in sinks canyon

we took a much needed trip up the canyon friday afternoon to get out of town, get some fresh air, and enjoy the gorgeous fall colors... and man, was it spectacular! this year it seems like the colors are especially vivid and i think i could have stayed up there, staring at the aspens, for a long time! rene, timothy, the girls and i had a really great time just hanging out by the river. isa was especially enthralled with every rock and stick and puddle and even found some feathers to bring home. the schell's dog (ava) came along as well, so there was the added entertain of playing fetch. not that anyone needed additional entertainment! we will most definitely be heading back up there soon. it was way too nice to not enjoy every last day of beautiful weather before we the snow begins to fall.

1 comment:

  1. Glad you could take the girls and go for a different perspective. Although, Sylvi, will have something to say when she is older on that one pic.. lol but it is Nice fall color you have going for you, hope it lasts for a while. miss you all xoxoxoxo