Thursday, October 14, 2010

potty style

the other day i briefly alluded to the fact that sylvi, at 22 months, is trying to potty-train herself. i say "herself" because i was really not ready for going down that road again so soon. i mean, let's face it, regardless of the kid, it can be alot of work. and it's going to be winter around here soon and that makes the whole thing even more inconvenient. snowsuits and a toddler who really has to go... right.
but how can you not roll with it when your not-yet-two-year-old is insistant that she go on the potty. and then actually proceeds to start potty-training whether you like it or not. you can't really object or tell her to just pee in her diaper! that would be a big fat parenting fail! so here we are... sprinting to the bathroom every few minutes and exthusiastically wiping and flushing and waving bye bye! who knew that kids actually did this themselves before they even turned two? i am pretty sure i secretly rolled my eyes when people talked about their magical self-trained eighteen month old... in my head, those babies were about as real as the ones that slept through the night on their first night home from the hospital.
p.s. i have no illusions that this potty thing will really stick in the next few months. with moving houses, traveling cross-country, and a birthday coming up... well, i am guessing it will be a little rocky. at this point we figure everytime it does work however, is one less diaper we have to buy!
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  1. As "mature" as she is, I have NO doubts that she will successfully do it herself with a little help. They always say that until they are ready, you might as well not attempt it. Well, she is definitely ready according to her...right? Like you said, just think of the money you will save on diapers...YIPEE and good luck Roo. Nanny is pulling for you. See you real soon.

  2. yaaaaaayyyy! Sylvi! ! ! What a big girl!!! I'm so proud of you! love to all xoxoxoxoxo