Tuesday, October 5, 2010

sit down and buckle up...

that's pretty much what life is saying to us around here. or we are saying to ourselves? i don't know, but either way, this year is turning into one very wild ride. granted, most of it is a ride that we fully chose to be on, but that doesn't necessarily make it any less wild, now does it? right. that there door you are seeing (isn't it beautiful?) will hopefully be the front door to our new home. i say hopefully because these deals are never sealed under the last stroke of the pen. but the process is now in motion and the little boxes are being checked off as we go. we have a contract on our house, which we couldn't be more thrilled about, and we are all moving towards closing. if all goes according to plan, we will be the proud owners of that door, and the rest of the house that goes with it, by october the 27th. eep! that's crazy!
that's just a little part of the wild ride however, as we have so much going on in the next few months that buying a new house just seems like one more little item on the agenda. it would be squeezed in between one vacation (check!), the unexpected death of our cat (check!), work travel for phil (ugh!), a busy season of work for me, another cross-country family vacation, isa's performance in the nutcracker, the holiday shop rush, and hopefully a long visit from nanny.
yeah, like i said, we got nothing going on around here these days, but i guess you'd better sit down and buckle up anyway. it's surely to be a wild ride.
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  1. I am so thrilled for you all and VERY glad that I am going to be a part of 2 of them. A nice long vacation at the beach, Bainbridge, and Thomasville, should help you renew and store up some energy for what is ahead...CANNOT WAIT.

  2. Wow! That is a lot for anyone to take in! Good luck on the house.. Fingers are crossed and there are more prayers coming your way! Maybe everything will just fall into place. Xoxoxox to all!