Monday, October 11, 2010

pumpkin patch extravaganza

wanna know what happens when you take two carloads of kids to a field full of pumpkins? you take over 250 photos in about a half hour's time! yeah, mommy got a little shutter happy this afternoon at the pumpkin patch. but how could you not, really... we're talking cute overload here people. none of us had ever made the trip (about 45min) to the pumpkin patch before, so it was the perfect monday afternoon boredom buster. and of course, it's even better with lots of friends!

as you can see from the pictures, it was a ton of fun and well worth the short car trip. the kids had an blast and were really proud of the pumpkins they chose. grandpa skip (oliver's grandfather) even came along and volunteered to push the goods around. not only were there "thousands and thousands and thousands" of pumpkins, as isa described them, but there were also lots of cool varieties to choose from. we came home with a big carving pumpkin, a beautiful orange/red pumpkin, a green pumpkin, and two little white ones. that was another reason for the photo overload-- the colors and designs on so many types of pumpkins were really beautiful. none of the photos in the slideshow were edited at all, so you can see the amazing colors for yourself.

too bad we already have a porch full of pumpkins, otherwise we might be tempted to head back with daddy this weekend. or we can spend a good hour going through the photos again :) enjoy!


  1. What a perfect afternoon for a bunch of kiddos. The colors are fabulous. WISH I had just a few of the pumpkins and gourds...paid a fortune for the 4 I bought at the grocery store. THANKS so much for the generous slideshow...what a treat. Love and hugs to all. Nanny

  2. So glad you had this special treat at the pumpkin patch.. wish it was closer for you, but I think it was worth the effort and the trip :) ! LOved all the pics.. all the kids are getting soooo big.. and beautiful ! love to all! ... and I agree with Isa... thousands and thousands of pumpkins!!!! Happy Fall Ya'll !