Saturday, October 2, 2010

start 'em young

isa and daddy spent last saturday helping curtis install his solar panels on his fabulously old (and soon to be amazingly restored) house. sylvi and i hung out for a short while, mostly long enough to eat some apples from the apple trees, and then left the rest of the work to them. isa had a blast helping out and even got to get up on the roof. i hope she took notes on the installation, so we can call on her skills at some point-- she can be daddy's sidekick.
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  1. Oh my! Be so careful please! Renovation will be awesome when its done. Great pics! xxoxoxoxoxox

  2. With her personality, I could see her being one of the builders/designers on HGTV. Thanks for so many great pictures...and I love the new fall look of the blog.