Tuesday, November 17, 2009

anything you can do...

it's amazing how much entertainment a few strings of beads can bring. after seeing how much fun isa was having, sylvi insisted that she be allowed to play too. she was a bit more dainty and girl with her beads and insisted on wearing them around her neck and holding them up for me to see, at which point she would grin and sway back and forth. such a goober! isa was "making spaghetti sauce" with hers!
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  1. Two GIRLY girls for sure. Don't know how I missed finding those beads for them to play with. Again, glad these pics "came up". Love and hugs to all. Nanny

  2. A little sister rivalry is great... helps them grow to be who they will be. It also fosters that sisterhood we all love. I'm so glad to see them interact... I love it. They will be such great friends. Love to all xoxoxoxoxo