Wednesday, November 11, 2009

little of this, little of that...

there has been alot going on around here, between two little kiddos and business and work and general day to day life. for starters, sylvi is about to be a year old. how that is possible i am not sure, but it's true. in addition to all that a first birthday entails (trying to walk, trying to talk, trying to get into whatever trouble you can find) sylvi is also starting to enjoy playing with her sister alot too. and isa enjoys it as well, for the most part! these pictures were taken while isa was playing with a new toy on the bed (where sylvi couldn't get to it). she was nice enough to share her computer with little sister, which as you can see, made for one very happy little baby.

you may notice that there is something on the window, back behind the couch? well, that would be a piece of cardboard. it's covering a busted window pane. wanna guess what happened? i'll give you a hint-- it involves a three year doing something she was not supposed to be doing. like playing on the back of the couch. luckily for her, the curtains were closed, but she went head first into that window. yikes. she wasn't hurt at all but it could've been really ugly. need less to say, she isn't allowed to do anything other than sit on the couch now.
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  1. The pains and triumphs of growing up... Its coming Sylvi... I can't believe it either.. 1 yr old. already... Girls always shared better... :) Glad to hear that they are trying to get along. Glad no one was really hurt in the window :)... That one will stay with her for a while.. love to all xoxoxoxoxox