Monday, November 23, 2009

bunk beds!

this installment of Goose and Roo, Too is brought to you by Bub and Queen! well, kind of. it's actually a special THANK YOU to Bub and Queen for the awesome (early) Christmas gift to the girls... bunk beds! we found these really nice wooden bunk beds on the local listserve this weekend, after having just discussed it the night before. gotta love the local listserve-- we've gotten a whole lot of cool stuff that way, from furniture to toys to even our cat Otter. we had been thinking of getting some sort of bunk/loft arrangement for a while but hadn't seen many affordable ones and weren't sure when the girls would be ready for them. but these are perfect, and a really good deal which is even better! the original idea was to have sylvi's crib underneath the lofted bed, but it just didn't fit quite right. mostly because i was worried that i would knock myself out as i was trying to get sylvi out in the middle of the night! ouch. but their room isn't that big and we had a ceiling fan to contend with, so there was really only one arrangement that would work. this wouldn't have been my first choice but it's growing on me. and they both seem to love it so i won't complain about that. when the crib is no longer needed, we'll most likely set them up as a true bunk bed and they can duke it out over who gets to sleep on the top!

speaking of... we weren't so sure how isa would do sleeping up there, but so far so good. the main concern is that she doesn't slip on the ladder in the dark, so we are trying to instill a "stay in your bed when the lights are out!" policy until she gets used to it. and we are looking for some glow in the dark stickers to make them more visible as well. but she LOVES it already and isn't the least bit scared to be up there at night. she also really likes the cozy little place space underneath, as does sylvi! as you can see from this photo, sylvi is no longer content to sit on the sidelines-- she has to be into everything at all times. including pictures.

so a THANK YOU once again for the very fun and very useful gift, we are all very excited about it!
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  1. Totally LOVE it...the underneath playspace is so cozy with the little chest, lamp, and chair. Makes such a neat place for toys, books, etc. Glad Isa understands about the need not to be climbing up and down, especially at night. It is quite evident that Sylvi loves it too. Big "shout out" to Bubba and Leslie.

  2. What a great idea! That is so cute and I'm sure it will be the great adventure for quite some time. Great pics! xoxoxoxo love you all.

  3. Awesome Blair. You pick out the best presents for the girls! I don't think you'll be able to punish them and send them to their room, it's to cool in there!!!! Cute pictures! Bub and Queen