Sunday, November 22, 2009

holiday headstart

yes, we are still here. just busy, busy, busy... hence the lack of blogging. between the sickies (which have been hanging around here since September!) and work and life in general, it's been really hectic around here for a while now. but hopefully we're digging ourselves out of the craziness and will be enjoying a calm and peaceful holiday season soon! of course this is the busiest time of year for the shop, but that's nothing new and we're rolling with it just fine for now.

we'll be spending Thanksgiving day with good friends here in town and have no big plans other than that. same goes for Christmas. no travel plans, just some good ole fashion fun here in wyoming. so far it's been a really mild winter, but we're hoping for just enough snow for some sledding. after that? i'd be quite content with 40F and sunny from now until May!

there you have it, the holiday season headstart-- complete with some christmas card trial photos too! enjoy!
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  1. Love these...especially the first and last one. Hoping ya'll get some snow to do the real ones outside. Thanks for these. Love you all.

  2. Thanks for sharing these wonderful pics. love you all and miss you... xoxoxoxoxo