Tuesday, November 17, 2009

biking with isa

isa has really gotten the hang of her bicycle (with training wheels) lately and loves going out for rides. she's actually a little hard to keep up with on the sidewalks, hence the retro-fitted push handle, so we decided to head to the nature trail recently-- here she has more room to roam and no traffic or cross streets. she gets going pretty fast if you don't hold her back, so we are trying to get her to work on steering and balance just as much as speed! as much fun as this little bike is, we are thinking of getting her some sort of balance bike for christmas. the idea with a balance bike is that they learn to balance first, without training wheels or pedals, which makes the learning process faster, safer, and arguably more fun.

in the meantime though, this is pretty high on the fun scale! sylvi gets a kick out of going for a ride too and doesn't like to be left out. if you turn her around so that she can't see her sister, she starts kicking and grunting until she can see the action again!


  1. Uh Oh...my computer is at it again. Can't pull these up. Will you send them. I cannot believe I am having trouble after JUST having $50 worth of work and more memory put on it.Hope you are all feeling better. Nanny

  2. for as many times as he's "fixed" your computer, he should be able to fix this too. CALL HIM.

  3. You really should Nancy - these are wonderful pics. Can't believe ISA is ready for a bike ! ! ! omg! hold her back... lol.... Glad to see you are all feeling back to routine... Next time you will all be having a bike hike ! ! Oh my! xoxoxoxoxox