Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sylvi's first birthday!

and so it is... the Roo is officially a year old! we started the day with an early morning rendition of the Happy Birthday Song, which she thought was really funny and even gave us an applause. later in the day, we celebrated with cake and presents. this part seemed to baffle her a bit! as you can see from the photos, she wasn't quite sure what was going on. she seemed to have this look on her face that said, "why are you all staring at me, handing me a green flaming frog and then giving me paper to rip apart?" aside from holding it, she wanted no part of the cake, although she did eat a little icing before it was all said and done. she enjoyed the gifts though and was very, very excited to open a box full of baby dolls! books? wooden toys? cake? songs? who cares! but babies? give the girl some babies!

it's hard to believe that it's been a year, but it must be so! stay tuned on monday for more. she has her well baby visit and we'll talk more about what Sylvi is like at twelve months. in the meantime... HAPPY BIRTHDAY SYLVI! WE LOVE YOU!


  1. Way to go Sylvi! Always keep them guessing as to what is going on inside that cute head of yours. I'm sure you enjoyed that green frog cake.. how cute... I hope you enjoyed your first birthday... love you much.... xoxoxoxoxox

  2. Happy Birthday Sweet Sylvi!!! We can't believe you are already 1!!! Love the frog cake!