Thursday, November 11, 2010

be still my beating heart...

my amazingly talented cousin anna kinchen took photos of the girls this week at the goodwood museum in tallahassee. to say that we love all the shots would be a huge understatement... they are so incredible and capture the girls perfectly. love love love...

because of schedules and lighting, the shoot was scheduled for late afternoon. given that the girls were a little underslept from the travel, i wasn't sure that they would cooperate for pictures. but we talked it up and got them excited about "mama's cousin anna" and this really cool place we were going to see. as soon as she arrived, both girls ran up to her for hugs and kisses and the rest was history! anna spent two hours photographing them and by the end, sylvi was definitely over it. she even said, "i don't want to. i'm DONE!" once or twice! but despite that, the pictures came out amazingly. what i like most is that their personalities shine through in each photo. not to mention that they are just strikingly beautiful images.

for those of you who are reading this in ga/fl... call her now! anna is incredible and worth her weight in gold! THANK YOU AGAIN ANNA!

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  1. Simply no way to pick ONE favorite. I think a "bragbook" full of 4X6's is the way to go for me and then maybe 1 big one if possible. Love the way these pictures capture the moods, feelings, and actions of their personalities. Love you girls and so proud of your cooperation with Anna.