Thursday, November 25, 2010

giving thanks

we are thankful for more things in life than we could possibly count, so it's nice to have atleast one day a year to gather around and celebrate them all! many thanks to the schell's for having us join in their celebration today-- we are most definitely thankful for them!
the girls have been sick this week and amidst the fevers and coughs and runny noses and late nights, it's been a little hectic. so thanksgiving was a good excuse to put the work aside, snuggle the sicklings, eat good food, share a laugh, and call it a (very good, albeit long) day. hopefully the weekend will bring better health and more rest, for which we will be even more thankful! happy thankgiving!
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  1. So cute you had a kid's table. :)

  2. Well said...we are all very blessed and having great friends when family is far away is certainly something to be thankful for. Hope this week brings warmer weather, healthier kids, and a productive week in the shop. Counting the you all.

  3. Looks perfectly normal! Great to have great friends to share with! Love the tails sylvi!