Thursday, November 4, 2010

the new shop

these are probably the world's most under-lit photos, but hey, it was early morning and i just happened to be in the shop with camera in hand. the new shop is fantastic and i love it already, even though i've only done about an hour's worth of work since we moved it. it's actually pretty small compared to the old shop, but it's a better set up by far. and it's not doubling as a guest room, which helps. that painted brick (LOVE it) is actually the basement portion of the chimney, which means the room stays extra warm in the winter as well-- no more frigid fingers! luckily it was already painted a really pleasant sea-glass shade of light green and has brand new carpet. good thing, as it would have been really low on the list to re-do otherwise. it's right next to the girls playroom, the sauna, guest bedroom, and renovated bathroom-- so the location lends itself well to multitasking... you know, should i need to break for a quick sauna in the middle of a tough order... yeah. i can work with that.
on an unrelated note, we're taking off tomorrow for almost two weeks! beach and family, here we come! blogging will be sparse but we'll try to put up some unabashedly cute kid photos when we can. until then, peace out.
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