Sunday, November 21, 2010

we're back!

we're back and mostly unpacked and as settled as possible, given the last few weeks of craziness! this is our first real weekend in the house, where we weren't moving or getting ready for traveling. it's been really nice to cook good meals and sit by the fire and get used to being in this new home of ours. the girls have been thrown for a bit of a loop (a big loop!) with so much change, but they are adjusting as well as can be expected and do seem to enjoy the new house-- particularly their play room!
part of being back has meant getting back to work too, hence the christmas dress photos above. for the first time in ages, sylvi was actually interested in modeling something! yay! so we jumped at the chance, even with the wet hair ;) speaking of sylvi, it's hard to believe she is going to be TWO next weekend. sigh. doesn't feel possible, but so it is.
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  1. LOVE the new Christmas dress and especially the model...great job, Sylvi. Forgot until you mentioned it that you now have a fireplace. You will really enjoy it. Can't wait to see all the progress you have already made. Talk to you soon. So glad the hassle of getting the BIG griddle back was worth it. Nanny

  2. Me too, just cute as a button.. Loved the skirt and the dress. Glad you had your flash of pseudo summer before you got hit with those temps. Love and grow.. Xoxoxox