Sunday, November 21, 2010

the beach vs. old man winter

we thought we'd better post one more round of beach pictures, in hopes that they will stay fresh in our minds next week. why you might ask? because it seems that old man winter is finally gonna settle in around here. the high on wednesday is a whopping 5 degrees-- need less to say, the low on wednesday is well below zero. guess it was inevitable but knowing that the real winter is coming doesn't seem to lessen the dread sometimes! but, for the sake of being positive, we have to admit that is has been a really gorgeous autumn and a mild november thus far. and we do actually like winter afterall, or we wouldn't live here. so there you go... sand and sea and 70 degrees for now... ahh...
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  1. Marvelous memories to carry us all through winter. THANKS.

  2. Take a deep breath.. Close your eyes... See the sandy beach in front of you.. Keep that thought going.. All winter if need be.... Enjoy your holidays! Love and grow.. Xoxoxoxo