Tuesday, January 18, 2011

aka: the guest room

the guest room (aka: nanny's room, the woman cave, or mommy's little hideout) might have been my favorite project yet. not because we use it the most, or because we spent much effort on it, but because it was such a satisfying job. so little time and money went a really long way in this room. of course i am kicking myself now for not getting a "before" picture, but the room was so scary and dark that i don't think a picture would have done it justice. the wood paneling (while good quality wood) was not my style and had been stained a really dark brown. even with an overhead light, it was really hard to see your hand in front of your face! it was that dark. and the two little windows were creepy and gross too, which didn't help.

the first thing on the list here was to paint the paneling. we used leftover paint from the living room upstairs and that saved a good bit of money. the curtain fabric is from ikea ($6.99 a yard for awesome drapery fabric!) and i think it might be one of my top three favorites of all time-- and i see alot of fabric, so that's saying something. the curtains were super easy and quick to make and were well worth the $30 for behind the bed and the window. the furniture was either pieces that we already owned or found for free on the local listserve, as was the bedding and the fabric/sweaters for the pillows. all told, the room cost less than $75 from start to finish, including the hardware for the windows, a few lamps, and accessories.

if anyone comes looking for me, this is most likely where i will be. and as a note to papa bubba and mimi... you no longer have the "don't put me down there in a dungeon" excuse anymore ;)


  1. Lovely.. I think you should let design on a dime at HGTV know.. It's very comparable to what they do! Congrats... Great job!

  2. thanks! we love having a bonafide guest room now too... guess that means you guys need to come stay!

  3. LOVE the extra fabric in the bed drape. It was such a cozy room to retire to every night. Just know that if you sneak off down there and sleep, you may end up with 2 little visitor's early in the morning...loved it. Enjoyed doing the makeover with you. I think it turned out great.