Sunday, January 16, 2011

country comes to town

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we headed to salt lake this weekend to take nanny to the airport (boo!) and enjoy some city amenities (yay!). when you live in a small, isolated mountain town, it's amazing what you can pack into a short trip to the big city! even though it's alot of time on the road in 48 hours, it's a nice mid-winter break to get out of town and enjoy ourselves a little. a trip to ikea served as both form and function-- especially with the play land-- and staying in a great hotel with an awesome pool made the trip even more enjoyable for the girls. thank you papa bubba ;) phil and i even went out for a margarita after bedtime while nanny stayed in and watched some football with the girls.

as you can see, the girls had a blast in the pool and isa wasn't too disappointed that she couldn't ride the two story curly slide. they both impressed us with a few dozen belly flops and seemingly new-found swimming skills. isa was able to go a good ways (maybe 8ft?) underwater in the big pool before coming up for doggy paddling and a helping hand! maybe it was the warmer water or some pent up winter energy, but she was swimming like never before! sylvi was inspired as well and spent several hours jumping (and jumping and jumping) into the pool herself! after two good swimming sessions, i can honestly say that mommy is exhausted from trying to keep up with them.

the last few shots are from the famous ice cream shop in Farson. with two potty trained little ones, we don't need any more excuses to stop for potty breaks... but ice cream surely doesn't hurt. especially here in the cowboy state, when interesting and entertaining pit stops (with toilets) are few and far between.

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  1. What an awesome trip! I'm sure it help soften Nanny's departure. Ice cream looks very interesting! Love to all. Xoxoxoxoxo